Saturday, April 18, 2009

#16 The L Train

I've never been to New York. The furthest furthest east I've ever been in the United States is Gresham.  And still I know that the L Train is underground.

This is the train that takes you from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  Which means that all of the hip people from Williamsburg are taking this train into the city to buy hot dogs and make fun of tourists in Times Square.  Even if this is totally wrong it doesn't matter because it's underground to sound like you know what you're talking about even though have no clue.

In Portland we have the Max, which isn't underground.  It does go to Gresham though so maybe its a little bit underground.  Then we have the Streetcar, which is definitely not underground.  It runs from 23rd, through the Pearl District, and down to the South Waterfront.  Really streetcar, really?  I haven't been on a less-underground ride since my parents made ride It's A Small World like 8 times at Disneyland in 1992.  

For great pictures from the L Train and other painfully hip Brooklyn crap, check out this site.

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Anonymous said...

The MAX goes below the zoo and the graveyard on its way to Beaverton. Decaying bodies just a few feet above. That's pretty underground I think.