Saturday, April 18, 2009

#15 Scarves

Scarves are underground because they are mysterious, ironic, and subversive.  A scarf is a way of saying "hey look at my neck, by don't look at my neck.  Okay but seriously look at my neck because I just got a sweet scarf."

The most underground kind of scarves are the kind that come from the middle east. Those are great because they start conversations. If you wear one of those then people will ask you "oh wow, have you been to Israel?"  That's when you'll respond with "no, I just got back from Brooklyn, and they sell these everywhere..."

So I read somewhere that these scarves are originally used so that when you're in the dessert you can keep sand from blowing into your eyes.  Well now that you live in Portland you can use them to keep street grit out of your eyes as you ride down Burnside on your fixie.   


Jenny said...

I'm sick of those middle-eastern-looking scarves made so popular by rappers and now everyone sporting them. Talk about unoriginality. Next time i see someone wear it, i will use it to mummify them.

dude said...

Holy shit I thought you guys disappeared. try to not make it 6 months w/o another update, you've a good thing going here.